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When I started personal training in my early 20s, when I would be working with a client trying to lose weight, I would often hear "just wait till you have kids" in what I viewed as one of many excuses I hear on a daily basis. After I had my children, I looked better that I had in High School...proof, right?  Then I would hear "just wait til you hit 30." I sailed right through 30 with flying colors.... more proof- just work hard and don't eat junk, right?  Then I hit my mid 30s, and all the sudden all of the things that "worked" stopped working-actually they came to a screeching halt.  I watched my diet (please don't translate this as calorie reduction- it was clean eating in what should have been a calorically neutral capacity) I switched up my workout, but the results I got did not come anywhere close to the intesity of work I was putting out.  So I began to delve into other possibilities. Truthfully, I probably should have done it ten years earlier when I had clients complaining about it, but hey- when you hear complaints of everything from "it's too early" to "seriously more burpies?" to "you're really going to make us push this bus across the parking lot?" It tends to unfortunately become personal trainer white noise. 


We have always known several things affect the body's ability to burn/store fat.  Thyroid was the first one to become mainstream knowledge.... But at the time, while everyone was claiming they had a thyroid problem, research was showing this only truly affected 2% of the population.  A couple years ago, two studies came out showing how sleep deprivation in as little as a week could cause insulin resistance.  However, more and more research is becoming mainstream as to how intricately ALL hormones play a role in metabolism and how imbalances can not only affect their primary functions, but also the bodies fat storing tendencies. 


So, since I had cleaned up my diet and was exercising to no avail, I went to a hormone specialist- Lo and behold, we found the problem :)  I would like to report that my scale is in fact NOT broken as I suspected and it does actually have the capacity to show lower numbers!  Not only that, but I have SO much more energy, sleep better at night, and (I have been told) I am nicer.  Plus my clothes fit, LOL!!


I found the following article in my ACE professional journal.  Some of you will read it, some of you already feel this email was way to long.  BUT if you have done everything "right" and still are having no luck, you may want to delve further into this.  As a note, when it says "diets don't work" to clarify it is talking about calorie restrictive diets, like those that tell you to eat 1200-1500 calories a day.  You HAVE to make prudent dietary decisions to get any type of physical results.  Just cut out the nonsense- processed foods, enriched flours, high sugar or HFCS laden foods. 

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