Extra Mile Fitness

One on one training designed to help you go further.

Krista Edwards-owner

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

USA Triathlon Level One Certified Coach

USA Cycling Level Three Certified Coach

Wellness Coordinator, Capstone Insurors


 Ironman Arizona and Redman Finisher


10+ Marathons, including Chicago, Houston, Springfield and the Techumseh trail marathons.

Collegiate all conference track and field athlete, specializing in hammer throw, hurdles, and relays.

 Krista and Scarlett after this year's Willard Frisco Triathlon!



Extra Mile Fitness Training Philosophy

    At Extra Mile Fitness, we believe that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Our mission is to bring your  goals to fruition, so that you feel that way as well.  We desire for our clients to live a high quality of life because of lifestyle changes they have made and physical fitness they have attained.

    Our job is to create an individualized program that is conducive to your lifestyle and will deliver maximum results without overtaking your life.  Personal fitness training gives you an alternative to the mass market, impersonal approach to your fitness and health.  We do not promote crash or longterm "dieting."  We do not promote living in the gym.  We realize that our clients have real lives with families, jobs, social obligations and hobbies.  We encourage incremental changes, introduced a few at a time.  At EMF, to deliver a complete program we feel it is essential to consider your thoughts, feelings and opinions as we develop our individualized approach for you.  We tailor a program specifically to you  and your goals, and your needs.  and with continual reassessment we change your program to change with your progress. 

   The programs at EMF are a comprehensive lifestyle plan. They include instruction in resistance training, flexibility, nutrition, cardiovascular conditioning, and functional training.  You will learn proper technique and why each of these areas are vital to your success.  You will cross train (change activities) and we will periodize (change how hard you are working over a specific time) your training so you stay interested, have fun and keep the results coming.

    The results you will attain here will be far more than cosmetic. Sure, you will look good and obtain a healthier ratio of body fat to lean body mass. But you will also increase your energy, become more alert, become more efficient at managing stress, and reduce your risk of developing heart disease or other degenerative diseases.  To obtain these results, we need your cooperation, enthusiasm, and steady attendance commitment.  We must work as a team, giving 100% on both ends.  During your workouts, be straightforward and forthcoming.  Tell us how you feel, voice your concerns, and ask whatever questions you might have. This is your personal training program, and for optimal results you must be actively involved. We pledge to work so that your needs and desires are satisfied.  That way, EMF's major objective-your physical fitness and personal wellness- will help you to to go further than you ever thought possible!