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Krista Edwards
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I often have clients frustrated because they feel they are not losing weight quickly enough.  They will have great result- losing 10 to 15 pounds a month, but they often feel they should be losing 10 pounds per week.  However, as long as the scale is actually moving down (not going up or staying the same), slow is okay and here is why:

Your body likes to stay in a state of what is called "homeostatsis" which basically means it is comfortable with the the current situation, whether you like it or not. In most people's attempts to lose weight through diet or exercise, the body's systems will compensate by making them hungrier in an attempt to replace the calorie that are missing. That is why a long term drastic cutting of calories is rarely effective. If a person cuts calories by 500 per day, this is a total of 3500 calories for the week or one pound per week. If this is also coupled with an additional expenditure of 500 calories per day such as through aerobic exercise, this will result in an additional pound or a net loss of two pounds per week. Slow and gradual weight loss in this range will in essence "trick" the body so that it will not attempt to recooperate all lost weight.

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