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Krista Edwards
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Many of us think of a massage as a luxury; something that should be done on vacation at the spa. However, if you are serious about your fitness program and garnering results, you may want to give massage a look from a different perspective.

Racing and hard training leave behind microtears in muscle fiber, while muscle metabolism deposits waste in the form of lactic acid and phosphocreatine. As your body cools, these metabolic by-products solidify, creating adhesions between muscle fibers that inhibit those fibers from contracting smoothly against one another. Massage does two things: It physically breaks down the adhesions and waste products (imagine rolling a clump of dirt between your fingers until it disintegrates) making it easier for the body to flush out waste and restore your full range of motion. And it stimulates blood circulation, speeding up repair work by delivering oxygen and nutrients to muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

For those with erratic schedules who for example may hit it hard on weekends and then may go three or four days without activity, exercise is even more stressful on the body than for those who work out regularly," says Bob McAtee, a Colorado Springs massage therapist who teaches sports-massage seminars around the country. For these individuals, massage may be more about injury prevention than performance enhancement, but the two go hand in hand. Unless you apply due diligence every time you bike, run, or climb, stretching before and after, warming up slowly and adequately, drinking plenty of water, you're risking strains, pulls, and tears. And you're begging for more serious problems down the road, such as tendinitis and chronic pain.


Massage shouldn't replace stretching, but since it moves muscle fibers in many more directions than a person can stretch, it can increase your range of motion dramatically, thus decreasing your chance for injury.  In the Springfield area, I recommend Better Body Health-417-838-9443. 

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